Coconut Oil and Alzheimers

Could Coconut Oil Be The Answer? 

Developing Alzheimer’s is a constant worry. In the United States alone there are 5.2 million people currently affected by this. Alzheimer’s is actually the seventh leading cause of death. It’s not very cheap to just treat either. If you are interested in learning how to treat it, you are looking at spending close to one hundred and fifty billion dollars.

Why not try something natural?

The cost of prescriptions can get out of hand and not to mention they may fail to work. So, is there another alternative? Absolutely there is and it’s even healthier for you. The alternative is called Coconut oil. This oil is actually not hard to find either. It can be found in health food stores and also grocery stores. However, when you do find the coconut oil, you will want to make sure that it’s the non-hydrogenated kind and will contain no trans-fat. Virgin oils are also strongly encouraged to be used.

How Coconut Oil is beneficial to the heart

There were actually some health care professionals and some nutritionists who have claimed that coconut oil is actually the healthiest oil on the earth. There used to be a claim in the past stating how oils were bad for you. Now there is new research out stating that not all saturated fats are equal. So, it turns out that coconut oil is actually unique and that’s what makes it different than other oils. This specific oil has the highest source of MCT which is also known as saturated medium chain triglyceride. MCTs are basically the fatty acids that are easily digested through your body unlike other fats.


Coconut oil: Lauric Acid

Other than coconut oil, there is one other source of getting lauric acid in high amounts of high concentrations: Mother’s milk. Mother’s milk and Tropical oils are the most richest food sources of MCFAs.  MCFAs only make up around three percent of the content of butter and milk fat. Lauric Acid has been clinically proven to fight many viruses.

Coconut Oil helping Heart Disease

There was a clinical trial done by researchers wanting to discover is there was any possible link between the use of coconut oil and heart disease. The researchers have stated that in many different populations, high consumption of saturate fats are associated with elevated serum cholesterol concentration. Also, this increased coronary heart disease. Although, there were many different studies before hand that have resulted in stating that heart diseases are not so common among the populations who actually do consume coconut as a source of saturated fat.

So, why not make the healthier choice?

Of course, you should never go off your prescription medication without consulting with your doctor first. If the cost of those medications are high and it’s hard for you to afford them, why not make the switch? Also, there could be a chance your medication isn’t even working or making you worse. Which is why you should give coconut oil a chance. Not only is it cheaper but it’s effective and the healthier alternative to fight off Alzheimer’s and heart conditions. Any chance you get to do something an all natural way, you should take advantage of that.

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Compliments of Kshamica Nimalasuriya MD, MPH

Preventive Medicine & Public Health

Kshamica Nimalasuriya MD, MPH is a Preventive Medicine Physician involved with merging Media with Health, Open-Source Education, Herbal Medicine, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness, and Love. She works on many initiatives bridging the global digital divide of health care education.


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